Raimi takes Evil Dead to TV but is it a good idea?

Sam Raimi was in attendance recently at the famed San Diego Comic-Con and with him be brought some interesting news – Evil Dead will become a TV show starring Bruce Campbell!! I mean, what?! You can read all about the announcement via the Source link at the bottom of this article but let’s pause and think about this for a minute. – is this a good idea? 

Why remake the movie, introduce new characters, and spend time expanding the mythology, if you are going to shit all over it by having an alternate reality timeline running in parallel? This, of course, was the great debate when Army Of Darkness 2 was announced last year but the argument is still valid.  Ash, and his portrayal, remains unique in horror – a true icon. He has no place in the modern, more contemporary world setup by Fede Alvarez.

Will I watch an Evil Dead TV show? Naturally. Will I believe it when I see it? Always.

Source: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3305341/bruce-campbell-will-star-evil-dead-tv-series-sdcc/

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