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Evil Dead: The Musical is a Canadian rock musical stage play based on the cult classic film series. First performed on stage in 2003 at the Tranzac club in Toronto, Ontario, the show instantly became a hit and eventually moved on to an off-Broadway run in 2006. Many regional productions of the show have been performed all over the world. [1] The show is currently enjoying it’s longest run in Las Vegas, NV under the moniker Evil Dead: The Musical – Ultimate 4D Experience.  The developers of the musical actively encourage local productions and have setup simple means to arrange this. For more info please check out the tremendous, offical site over at

  • #1 – Posters, Publicity & Memorabillia
  • #2 – Listen & Sing-A-Long
  • #3 – Musical Numbers (2003; 2006-Present)

#1 – Posters, Publicity & Memorabillia

A gallery, nay a collection, of various items associated with the musical. These snippets have been collected over the ten years since the musical’s inception – some are taken from the web, others are from my own little hoarde. Sadly, I’ve never seen it (curse my isolation) but promotional items were sent to me, many moons ago, by Matt Olmstead, a selection of which you will see in the Gallery below.

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#2 – Listen & Sing-A-Long!

That’s right Deadites, click a showtoon below to listen and sing-a-long with the songs as performed for the off-broadway version in 2006.

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#3 – Musical Numbers (Original: 2003)

Act One
  1. “Cabin in the Woods” – Ash, Linda, Scott, Shelly, and Cheryl
  2. “Housewares Employee” – Ash and Linda
  3. “It Won’t Let Us Leave” – Cheryl
  4. “Look Who’s Evil Now” – Cheryl and Shelly
  5. “What the Fuck Was That?” – Ash and Scott
  6. “Join Us” – Cheryl and Moose
  7. “Good Old Reliable Jake” – Jake
  8. “I’m Not a Killer” – Ash
Act Two
  1. “I’m Not a Killer (Reprise)” – Ash
  2. “Bit-Part Demon” – Ed
  3. “All the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by kandarian Demons” – Annie
  4. “Do the Necronomicon” – Demons
  5. “It’s Time” – Company
  6. “Hail to the King” – Company


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